Here you will learn of my experience with Auto Concierge who is on the NOT recommended list.

Business Information:
Auto Concierge
21811 Katy Freeway
Katy, Texas

Those who know me will asked, why didn't you do it yourself.  I was not going to have time to do the paint
correction myself before the Chevy Expo, I saw a friends car that was done by them and it looked good, checked
out the company information and thought, okay, I'm not a professional just someone that watched a video,
surely he can do a better job than me and it will help me before the show.

On December 24, 2011 I made an appointment to have paint correction performed on my car.  I dropped my
car off at 3:00 pm on Monday January 23, 2012.  The package we agreed on was the Saphire package, see details
of package
here.  I was scheduled to pick it up Friday around 3:00pm. That is 4 full days.

On Friday afternoon I received a text from Andrew stating he needed to push back to 7pm.  Around 5:00 he
called to discuss the progress and stated he needed more time could I give him until Saturday at 5:00pm.  
Shifing some plans around we agreed to the change.   At 1:16 on Saturday I received a text from Andrew stating
"You're gonna hate me but, I burned thru most of the night in the car - not quiet done and I'm just up. I'm
gonna push back to same tune tomorrow - car will for certain be ready tomorrow at five!!!"  Needless to say I
was ticked off, yet I said okay.  Later that night around 7:25pm, I recieved a text from Andrew with an image of
a wrecked Ferari with the comment "Don't be a difficult customer to your detailed...karma will find you!! lol" At
8:15pm Andrew called me, he asked did I get the picture of the wrecked car.  I told him yes and it looks like he
needs a body shot not a detail shop.  He then proceeded to say he wanted to tell me "he was not blowing off
my car". Said he just found out that his girlfriend for the last year and a half was married.

On Sunday at 2:53, I received a text from Andrew stating my car would be ready at 5:30pm and that he wanted
to give me a heads up that he didn't take credit cards.

When I saw my car it didn't seem like it had been worked on. He said he did a final wash on it to get all of the
buffing dust off.

I proceeded to walk around the car and show him areas that still needed to have the wax buffed off, under the
hood there were water spots on the hood and vinyl dash, there were water spots on the trunk lid.  I asked him
did he polish under the hood, under the truck lid and the door siles.  He said he didn't have time but he sealed

On Monday during the day light, I inspected my car to find, it had not been clay bar, there were still scratches
and swirls that were small enough to be worked out, the water spots under the hood and the trunk lid were set
in and would have to be buffed out.

On Wednesday February 1st, I sent Andrew a text stating "What parts of the package that I paid for did you
actually do, because I'm not seeing it".  I have never recieved a reply.

March 4, 2012 I noticed there was a message in my "other" folder on my Facebook account. It was from Andrew
and dated January 31, 2012.  This is the exact message.

Click here to see pictures that were taken by Auto Concierge before the work was done and pictures that were
text to me during the process.  Auto Concierge did not take any after photos of their work.

Click here to see pictures that were taken by me during my inspection of their work, pictures of my correction
which is what Auto Concierge was supposed to do and after photos.

With that said you be the judge and decide if you want to take your car to someone that is
supposed to be a professional but since "his head wasn't in it" decided to have my car for 6
days and not do anything to it but put a coat of wax on it.

This a quote from the business:
"Whether a rare concours showpiece, an exotic carbon fiber supercar or a daily driven luxury sedan, Auto Concierge's
attention to detail and passionate pursuit of perfection continues to produce awe-inspiring results for the most discriminate