Born: July 21, 2009
Number: 27,644

Chevrolet 2010 Camaro
6.2L V8 L99
Black / Black Interior

I purchased Khaoss on August 19, 2009.   In early 2011 she was given the name Khaoss.  

The name Khaos was taken from Greek methodology, the 2 SS at the end refers to the Camaro 2SS version.  
Khaos is the void between Heaven and Hell and was the first of the primeval gods to emerge at the creation of
the universe.  Or you can take the English version which is "utter confusion or disorder" lol.  We chose it for the
Greek meaning even though my husband says it fits me more than the car.

Why a Camaro? I grew up loving 1st and 2nd gen Camaros, but who didn't.  I always wanted a Camaro but never
had the opportunity until the 5th generation release which I think GM did an awesome job capturing the
American muscle in a modern version.  I knew exactly what I wanted when it was time to buy.

The day we picked her up, there she was on the lot waiting with customers stopping and looking,
wanting to see more.  But it was too late, she was mine. She is currently my daily driver with just over 52,000

Then the adventure began.  Everywhere we would go, people would stop an look, parking lots and even on the
street.   Today she is still stalked by many.  I get text message of pictures of her in her parking spot.

I kept her stock until 2011.  I started with a personalized license plate and that's when Khaoss was born.  In
January after searching and searching, I connected with DV8 Motoring on the Camaro 5 forum and found the
perfect wheel for her, Cor Velocity 4 forged all chrome.  After the longest 5 weeks in history, she had a touch of
chrome all the way around and new tread.

Wheels were just the beginning, next I had the Sinister lower appearance aerodynamics package and dovetail
rear spoiler installed.  At the same time had the bowtie centers painted and repainted the front fascia. She is my
daily driver and needed a little TLC from road damage.

Soon after I added a few small touches like billet racing pedals, ADM Street cold air intake, chrome billet caps
under the hood and under hood appearance kit matt black (fuse box cover, abs cover, master cylinder cover,
wire harness cover, battery post cover and radiator shroud) that would later be custom painted.  

In June she was in her very first car show, the Kemah Camaro Show held by H-Town Camaro Club where we
picked up one of the Peoples Choice awards.  Not long after we officially became a member of the H-Town
Camaro Club.

In August we took a short road trip to Advanced Automotive Concepts in Metairie, La where we had a dual halo
kit installed to include the driving light halos, plasma drl, led rear bowtie and matching interior front footwell

Next I began looking for design for the custom underhood paint.  After several months I came up with a
concept.   Spent some time with a paint shop on the design and came out with great artwork but a wrong base

I got the parts back the day before the Hooters Camaro vs. Mustang Car Show, what a great show!! We took
home an award that day also.

After a month of a painful ordeal with an very unprofessional highly known paint shop, I found Coupland Sign
through a recommendation.  After a visit with him he began his magic and what an awesome result!!   Currently
along with the list of mods, Khaoss is showing off her custom painted billet underhood appearance kit.

January 2012 we installed a set up under lighting under each door and a back lit billet bowtie under the hood.

Life for Khaoss has not always been glamour. In December 2010 she had some issues with the air conditioning,
in working with the original dealer ship they could not fix the problem even after taking the entire dash and
windshield out to replace the evaporator core.  In the process of doing that parts of the trim was damaged and
parts were not placed properly.  After several months of back and forth, and getting GM corporate involved.  We
found a new dealer that would fix all of her problems and replace the damaged trim so she would be new again.  
Along with having the air conditioning fixed, trim installed properly, she had to have new carpet through out.
While working on her the previous dealer left a grommet out of the fire wall which allowed water to come

Today she is better than new sporting her chrome wheels, shiny paint and fancy lights.   Her paint and interior is
cared for with Adams Polishes, creams and accessories.

Through out the year Khaoss can be seen at many street meets and events. Visit the event page for dates and
stop by and see her.

2011 Kemah Camaro Car Show - Peoples Choice Award
2011 Hooters Camaro vs. Mustang Car Show
2012 Chevy/Corvette Expo - 2nd in Class
2012 March H-Town Camaro of the Month.
2012 10th Annual Brazoria Heritage Car Show - Best in Class and Don Davis Dealership favorite award
2012 American Pontiac Association Spring Open Car Show - 1st Place
2012 Space City Cruisers Spring Car Show - 2nd in Class
2012 Kemah Camaro Car Show - Peoples Coice Award
2012 Aeros and Autos - Best Engine and 1st Place
2012 Coldspring Merchant Sponsored Car Show - 2nd place
2012 Super Chevy Show - class winner
2012 Angleton Centennial Celebration Fire Cheif Pick and Peoples Choice
2013 Appeared in H-Town Camaro of the Month Calendar. March 2013
2013 Appeared in Adams Polishes Calendar. March 2013
2013 Chevy/Corvette Expo - 2nd in Class and Presidential Award for excellence in Show Quality and
Outstanding Detail.